Why Replace Your Siding? – Signs that Tell You It Is Time to Get New Siding

Looking At Your Neighbors New Exterior

If you see that your neighbors have new siding and you want to find out what makes new siding such a big thing, here are a few ideas to explain to you why replace your siding, even if your old siding panels still seem to be holding on to your walls.

Rotting or Crumbling Siding Panels

Rotting siding components are not only unsightly, but they also compromise the insulation capacity of all the panels on the wall. In some cases, rotten parts can be replaced by cutting them out and replacing them with some isolating material, but in most cases, this is not an option, especially if the rot is visible from the outside, so the only solution is replacement.

Dampness Inside the Home

If you notice damp patches inside the home, especially if they appear on the lower areas of the wall and not on the ceiling (damp spots or patches on the ceiling indicate a roof leak), you can suspect that the problem is caused by improperly sealing siding panels. The siding panels that no longer form an adequate barrier in front of humidity might not show any signs of damage themselves, but they can do a lot of harm, nevertheless.

Cracks and Chipped Panels

These imperfections are also more than just unattractive. The gaps allow water to penetrate behind the siding panels, causing mold, mildew and rot, what’s more, they let termites and other pests enter behind the siding and into the house, compromising the integrity of the entire home.

Too Much Maintenance

Every type of siding needs some care and attention every now and then, but you fix one chipped part and another appears the following day, it means that your Lansing siding panels are too old and they need to be removed and replaced. Another sign that your siding is too old is that you need to repaint it too often – normally, siding panels are able to maintain their color for 8-10 years, warping and peeling that appears earlier is a clear sign of aging.

Exorbitant Energy Bills

If you don’t see any obvious signs that indicate siding damage, but your energy bills start climbing steadily and for no reason, the culprit might be the siding, especially if the home feels as if wind could blow through the walls. The problem can be easily remedied by installing new, more energy-efficient siding panels that offer better insulation.

You Want to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

New siding panels will make your home much more attractive and will improve its structural integrity without requiring you to invest a lot into the replacement project. One of the most important benefits of new siding is that it can add thousands of dollars to the price you ask for your home, what’s more, buyers are more interested in property that has been recently renovated, which will attract more buyers and help you sell your property faster.

We hope we could provide the answer you need for the question “why replace your siding” – just browse a few design ideas and play with the thought of having brand new siding, you will surely love the idea.