How to Clean Your Roof Properly

Whether you have tiles on your roof or shingles, whether your roof is flat, it slopes in a low angle or it is high-pitched, proper roof cleaning is essential for maintaining your roof in great condition and for extending its longevity. You can do it yourself or have a Dallas roofing contractor do it for you. Here is how to do it properly.

Choose the Time Right

The best time to clean your roof is a cool, dry, but overcast day. When the air is too hot, the water and the solution that you use for the cleaning dries too quickly and when the sun is shining too bright, it might be difficult to see the spots that still need cleaning. A day that is too cold is also unsuitable for roof cleaning, partly because of the thermal discomfort will decrease the efficiency of the roof cleaner’s work and partly because dirt is more difficult to remove when it is too cold.

Prepare the Area around the House

Roof cleaning usually involves the removal of lots of debris, from the roof surface as well as from the gutter pipes and the downspouts, so it is a good idea to move all furniture and other items from the perimeters.

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Remove Large Debris

Use a broom with a long stick or an air blower to remove large debris from the surface of the roof and then scrape debris out from the gutter pipes, too, but try to do it without actually stepping on the roof, preferably standing on the ground or on a safely fixed ladder. This phase is important because you need a relatively clean and obstacle-free surface to be able to see where the roof has become weak and to identify the components that need to be re-attached or fortified before you step on them during the more detailed cleaning.

Fix Loose Components

Loose shingles, damaged flashing and sagging or loose gutters will all need to be fixed before you proceed with the cleaning.

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Prepare a mix of some detergent and water or an anti-fungus or anti-algae solution and apply it on the roof surface. You can use eco-friendly cleaning products designed especially for roofs or some detergent for home use, but stay away from bleach – it is caustic and it can harm your roof. You can apply the solution by hand or you can use your garden hose or your pressure water, but of you have a shingle roof, make sure that the jet is gentle – pressurized water that is pulverized with too much force can remove the weatherproofing granules on the top of the shingles and can cause more harm than good.

To clean your shingle roof properly, soak the shingles in plain water using a hose, then apply the washing solution, leave it there for a little while, then rinse it off with plain water. If you see some very stubborn stains, reapply the solution, either with a sprayer or by hand, then rinse the area again.

Treat Your Shingle Roof with Some Stain Blocker

Shingle roofs are especially sensitive to staining, so when the roof is cleaned and the surface is completely dry, you should apply some stain blocker to prevent the appearance of discolored spots on the roof.