How to Choose the Best Shingles for Kansas Homes

Storm Clouds

Choosing the best shingles for Kansas homes, the shingles that provide the expected weather-protection and resistance is no easy task. Kansas has varied terrain and varied climate – if you live in the northeast of the state, you get cold summers and hot, wet summers, in the west you get very hot, relatively dry summers and mild winters, while in the central and the southeastern areas you get humid summers, mild summers and lots of precipitation the year around and you need to choose your shingles based on the dominant weather in your area. However, the weather is not the only factor to influence your decision – if you are currently looking for the most suitable shingles for your new roof, here are the factors that you should bear in mind and a few tips about available shingle types.

Climate-Related Aspects and Energy-Efficiency

The varied climate conditions and the fact that Kansas is located in the middle of Tornado Alley require responsible homeowners to pay attention to lots of different climate factors when they choose their shingles:

  • The shingles chosen need to be able to account for the harsh winds that accompany storms and tornados, which the professional roofer Wichita is home to, will tell you.
  • Shingles need to withstand high precipitation and the resulting humidity in the air.
  • The sun shines bright in Kansas, so you need shingles that can withstand the sun’s radiation and are able to reflect radiant heat to ensure comfort in the house and to keep energy bills at bay.

Shingle Types

Fortunately, there are many shingle varieties nowadays that meet all the above requirements – here are some of the most common types:

  • Traditional asphalt shingles – also known as composite shingles, these varieties are budget-friendly, attractive, simple to install and durable. They come in two basic types: organic shingles that use a base made from waste paper soaked with asphalt and a waterproof coating covered in mineral granules for enhanced weather protection and fiberglass shingles, also called 3-tab shingles that feature a similar structure and are more suitable for fire-prone areas.
  • Synthetic polymer systems – these durable materials can replicate much more expensive roofing materials, such as wood or slate and they also offer increased hardiness, with warranty times several decades long.
  • Designer shingles – these high-end products are a bit heavier and costlier than conventional shingles, but they are among the best shingles for Kansas because they are not only elegant, but durable as well and their special construction makes them strong enough to resist any weather. They are suitable for flat and steeply pitched roofs as well.
  • Metal shingles – these roofing systems combine all the benefits of metal with attractive appearance and affordability. The metal panels are easy to install, they can withstand harsh weather, including gale-force winds, heavy rain and snow, they come with excellent fire-resistance features and they ensure the comfort of your home by efficiently reflecting solar heat.

When you browse the shingle options available, choose the products that suit your climate area, your aesthetic requirements as well as your budget – the best shingles for Kansas conditions are out there and readily available from various manufacturers, all you need to do to make the most adequate choice is to set your priorities right first.