How Can a Brand New Roof Improve the Street Appeal of Your Home?

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Street appeal or curb appeal is a pretty big deal when it comes to selling a residential real estate property. Whether you have a house you want to sell as an investor, or you’re looking to sell your old family home and move to a different state, it’s important to think about street appeal, to make sure you have the best chances to attract buyers who really mean business.

What Influences Curb Appeal the Most?

So what does street appeal represent anyway? While this question has a broad range of answers, it’s a good idea to focus on the ones that carry the most weight in terms of how easily they can sway the opinion of a potential buyer. That being said, when most real estate experts think about curb appeal, they focus on the following aspects:

  1. What the home looks like from a buyer’s perspective – or the immediate first impression that buyers might get;
  2. How old and broken down (or new and functional) a home might look;
  3. How well the landscape is arranged;
  4. How much potential one can see in expanding the home, the garden or any other aspect of the surrounding landscape;
  5. How secure and elegant the home looks when compared to other houses and buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.

Your Roof’s Impact on the Street Appeal of Your Home

Now, in a general sense, the above factors all make sense. However, the question often arises whether an individual feature of a home – such as its roof – might carry enough weight to influence any (or even most) of those factors at all. In the case of your roof, it definitely does!

The roof is probably the most prominent feature of any home. Most buyers visiting a home for a showing will take a first glance at the roof and decide whether the home might seem promising or not from the start. Let’s face it, a new, well-built and great looking roof will always inspire confidence – not just when it comes to how appealing the home might seem, but also in terms of its functional value.

Buyers often look at how much safety and security a home might inspire, and the roof has the ability to do that with relative ease. When you look at a roof, and you see that it’s clean, freshly painted and without too many visible imperfections, you have the tendency to talk about how promising that home looks, even if you don’t know much about its interior. That’s precisely what curb appeal is all about.

Finally, a roof can also influence curb appeal through the uniqueness of its design or construction. A uniquely shaped roof or an original pattern or texture used for its design will almost immediately attract attention, and it’ll also help hide any imperfections, such as the recent repair work you may have done to the siding around the southernmost section of your home.

As you can see, a well-designed roof that’s been taken care of can make the street appeal of your home go a long way towards impressing any potential buyers. So if you want to sell your home fast and avoid the hassle of a lengthy negotiation, make sure your roof is in good condition from the very start. Schedule an inspection and necessary repairs with roofing companies in Pensacola Florida for reputable work and quality service.