Advantages of A Metal Roof

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It is known that the roof of the house needs the same attention as the rest of the elements, being the part that provides the greatest protection against the elements. The comfort provided by a complex metal roof system will be felt for a very long time by the building residents, considering that the average lifespan of this material is about 50 years.

Recognized by Centennial roofing specialists as one of the best roofing materials, metal shingles bring undeniable benefits and distance themselves from other materials by the following pros.

It provides superior fire resistance

If you opt for a metal roof, you will benefit from a very durable and resistant system, which is also fireproof. Fire resistance is one of the main details to keep in mind especially if you like in an area prone to wildfires. However, considering that many homes are heated with systems using combustive fuel, all necessary measures must be taken to reduce the risk of fire as much as possible. If you choose a metal roof, you get additional protection and, of course, peace of mind.

Energetic efficiency

Modern metal roof systems come with adequate insulation that makes them energy efficient. Besides, the metal is naturally reflective, which brings additional benefits if you live in warm and very sunny areas. The only thing you need to worry about is selecting high quality materials and accessories, as well as a professional roofing Centennial installation team. It has been scientifically proven that a quality metal roof can reduce heating and cooling costs by almost half.

A metal roof does not require too much maintenance

Another advantage of a metal roof is the fact that you will not be required to schedule maintenance operations too often, which means more savings. You will only have to check the shingles and accessories from time to time and remove debris that tends to accumulate in the gutters.

Otherwise, there are no other subsequent costs for roof maintenance, if nothing out of the ordinary happens. The paint should resist well over time, and the lifespan of a metal tile roof reach up to 50 years without major problems.

There are plenty of design options

Many people are still a bit reluctant about opting for a metal roof, its aspect being their main concern. However, the design of metal shingles has been greatly improved and now you can customize your roof as you like. Your roof can greatly influence the aspect of the house, which is why it is so important to opt for the right colors and textures.

Superior strength

Metal roofs have not only superior resistance to fire, but also to other aggressive environmental factors. Specifically, they are very good even against high winds and large amount of snow. Besides, if you opt for stone coated metal shingles, you can enjoy additional protection.

Long warranties

Warranties are directly proportional to the durability of the roofing materials, and in the case of a metal roof, you will typically get 50 years – service life, 40 years – anti-corrosion warranty and 30 years – warranty for the paint.