A Look at the Best Roofing Tiles to Use for Added Longevity

Taking A Look At Some Of The Best Options

Considering the best roofing tiles to use to make your home look good and make your new roof last as long as possible without repairs or expensive maintenance can be a real hassle. However, if you want to use roof tiles, you’ll find that the options you have for achieving that result will be much more expansive than with regular roofing shingles.


Metal, slate, concrete and Spanish clay tiles are currently considered to be among the top most popular and resilient roofing tiles that are in use. Depending on what you need specifically, these roofing options should be among the most ideal to consider.


Durable Slate – Probably Your Best Option


Slate is the most durable type of roofing material, and it’s also the longest lasting roofing tile system that you can buy with your money. Able to last upwards of 100-150 years, it’ll probably be the only roof you need during your lifetime, at least as long as you take proper care of it.


The main alternative reason why slate roofing is so popular, however, is the fact that it’s made from natural material that looks beautiful and features a texture that can be adapted to almost any design you want. Homes that come with slate roofing tiles can be quite beautiful, and the roof itself is well worth the expense. However, you have to take good care of your new slate roof, since it will require added maintenance, if you want it to stay in prime condition.


Clay and Concrete Tiles


If you’re interested in leveraging some of the durability-related qualities of slate, but without the high maintenance and price, you can consider concrete tiles. They are extremely sturdy and fireproof. They also cost less than slate, and they can still last for up to half a century – which is definitely respectable. The price is still higher than that of common, lightweight roofing materials, but concrete tiles make up for it in style and appearance.


Clay is similar to concrete, and it has a life span of up to 100 years. Many Spanish clay tile products are available with lifetime warranties and very long labor warranties as well. Spanish clay tiles were used in old California and South American Spanish missions, and many of those are still in reasonably good shape, even though the roof was never replaced.


Lightweight Metal Roof Tiles and Roofing Systems


Metal is probably the easiest to install, cheapest and lowest maintenance durable roofing tile product you can consider. It has basically all the qualities you can ask for, and it can last for up to 50-75 years, depending on the workmanship and the specific type of metal and design used in its construction.  It is one of the most used materials in roofing Wichita homes and businesses.


Metal tiles and metal panel systems are becoming increasingly more popular due to all these qualities, but also because of the advancements that contractors have made in improving their appearance.


These are just a few of the many different roofing tiles you can consider today. While each of them has its own unique qualities, you’ll ultimately have to make up your own mind on which one to buy. The best roofing tiles to use for your home are those that not only fit your budget and preferences, but can also deal with the local weather and climate conditions, and protect your home from intense heat or cold, even when you don’t have enough attic insulation.