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Advantages of A Metal Roof

roofing Centennial pros install metal roofing

It is known that the roof of the house needs the same attention as the rest of the elements, being the part that provides the greatest protection against the elements. The comfort provided by a complex metal roof system will be felt for a very long time by the building residents, considering that the average lifespan of this material is about 50 years.

Recognized by Centennial roofing specialists as one of the best roofing materials, metal shingles bring undeniable benefits and distance themselves from other materials by the following pros.

It provides superior fire resistance

If you opt for a metal roof, you will benefit from a very durable and resistant system, which is also fireproof. Fire resistance is one of the main details to keep in mind especially if you like in an area prone to wildfires. However, considering that many homes are heated with systems using combustive fuel, all necessary measures must be taken to reduce the risk of fire as much as possible. If you choose a metal roof, you get additional protection and, of course, peace of mind.

Energetic efficiency

Modern metal roof systems come with adequate insulation that makes them energy efficient. Besides, the metal is naturally reflective, which brings additional benefits if you live in warm and very sunny areas. The only thing you need to worry about is selecting high quality materials and accessories, as well as a professional roofing Centennial installation team. It has been scientifically proven that a quality metal roof can reduce heating and cooling costs by almost half.

A metal roof does not require too much maintenance

Another advantage of a metal roof is the fact that you will not be required to schedule maintenance operations too often, which means more savings. You will only have to check the shingles and accessories from time to time and remove debris that tends to accumulate in the gutters.

Otherwise, there are no other subsequent costs for roof maintenance, if nothing out of the ordinary happens. The paint should resist well over time, and the lifespan of a metal tile roof reach up to 50 years without major problems.

There are plenty of design options

Many people are still a bit reluctant about opting for a metal roof, its aspect being their main concern. However, the design of metal shingles has been greatly improved and now you can customize your roof as you like. Your roof can greatly influence the aspect of the house, which is why it is so important to opt for the right colors and textures.

Superior strength

Metal roofs have not only superior resistance to fire, but also to other aggressive environmental factors. Specifically, they are very good even against high winds and large amount of snow. Besides, if you opt for stone coated metal shingles, you can enjoy additional protection.

Long warranties

Warranties are directly proportional to the durability of the roofing materials, and in the case of a metal roof, you will typically get 50 years – service life, 40 years – anti-corrosion warranty and 30 years – warranty for the paint.

Popular Residential Roof Designs

The roof is an often neglected component of the building envelope, but in fact, the topmost layer on any building is like a crown – it completes the look and enhances the best features of the building exterior, while also playing a very important protecting role. If you look at the roofs in your town or city, you will see that they are extremely – every roof features a different style and a different material. However, all these different roofs are just creative variations of a limited number of popular designs – here are the most common roofing styles that can be installed, maintained, and repaired by Highlands Ranch roofing companies.

Highlands Ranch roofing companies - roof design

Gable Roofs

The simplest roof type, also known as pitched roof, a gable roof is a structure that features a triangular shape made up from two slopes that meet at the top. The solution is preferred not only for its simplicity – the steep sloping angle of the sides ensures that water and snow are efficiently shed by the roof and gable roofs are also the choice of homeowners looking for more attic space. However, the steep angle has its cons, too – high winds and hurricanes can cause more stress to these roofs than to other, flatter structures.

Hip Roofs

These roofs feature slopes on all four sides, with the slopes meeting at the top to form a ridge. Hip roofs are very stable, they shed water and snow just as efficiently as gables, but they feature relatively short slopes, therefore winds and hurricanes are not so dangerous for them. If you choose this solution, you must know that hip roofs are complex structures that require installation by an experienced professional.

Mansard Roofs

Also known as French roofs, these special roofs are made up from double slopes on each side, one sloping at a lower angle, the other one steeper, so it is practically two roofs assembled to form one, complex structure. The solution adds special elegance to any building and it also maximizes the space available under the room – the rooms under mansard roofs are large and spacious.

Flat Roofs

In the past, we used to see flat roofs only on commercial and industrial facilities, but as architectural designs are moving in the direction of minimalism, flat roofs have become a very popular choice for modern buildings, too. Flat roofs come with lots of benefits: they don’t interfere with the design components of the building, they are suitable even for buildings in storm-prone areas and the materials used for building them are among the most modern and most durable ones, such as metal, BUR, TPO, EPDM and other synthetic products. Flat roofs are also very quick and easy to install and most of them don’t require any special attention, other than regular cleaning and inspection. They have only one enemy, ponding water, but even that can be avoided with suitably designed and maintained gutter pipes.

Skillion Roofs

A skillion roof is the typical shed roof, made from one slope attached at the top to a taller wall. The solution is very easy to install, it is economical and very attractive when installed on modern buildings.

How Can a Brand New Roof Improve the Street Appeal of Your Home?

roofing companies in Pensacola Florida

Street appeal or curb appeal is a pretty big deal when it comes to selling a residential real estate property. Whether you have a house you want to sell as an investor, or you’re looking to sell your old family home and move to a different state, it’s important to think about street appeal, to make sure you have the best chances to attract buyers who really mean business.

What Influences Curb Appeal the Most?

So what does street appeal represent anyway? While this question has a broad range of answers, it’s a good idea to focus on the ones that carry the most weight in terms of how easily they can sway the opinion of a potential buyer. That being said, when most real estate experts think about curb appeal, they focus on the following aspects:

  1. What the home looks like from a buyer’s perspective – or the immediate first impression that buyers might get;
  2. How old and broken down (or new and functional) a home might look;
  3. How well the landscape is arranged;
  4. How much potential one can see in expanding the home, the garden or any other aspect of the surrounding landscape;
  5. How secure and elegant the home looks when compared to other houses and buildings in the surrounding neighborhood.

Your Roof’s Impact on the Street Appeal of Your Home

Now, in a general sense, the above factors all make sense. However, the question often arises whether an individual feature of a home – such as its roof – might carry enough weight to influence any (or even most) of those factors at all. In the case of your roof, it definitely does!

The roof is probably the most prominent feature of any home. Most buyers visiting a home for a showing will take a first glance at the roof and decide whether the home might seem promising or not from the start. Let’s face it, a new, well-built and great looking roof will always inspire confidence – not just when it comes to how appealing the home might seem, but also in terms of its functional value.

Buyers often look at how much safety and security a home might inspire, and the roof has the ability to do that with relative ease. When you look at a roof, and you see that it’s clean, freshly painted and without too many visible imperfections, you have the tendency to talk about how promising that home looks, even if you don’t know much about its interior. That’s precisely what curb appeal is all about.

Finally, a roof can also influence curb appeal through the uniqueness of its design or construction. A uniquely shaped roof or an original pattern or texture used for its design will almost immediately attract attention, and it’ll also help hide any imperfections, such as the recent repair work you may have done to the siding around the southernmost section of your home.

As you can see, a well-designed roof that’s been taken care of can make the street appeal of your home go a long way towards impressing any potential buyers. So if you want to sell your home fast and avoid the hassle of a lengthy negotiation, make sure your roof is in good condition from the very start. Schedule an inspection and necessary repairs with roofing companies in Pensacola Florida for reputable work and quality service.

How to Clean Your Roof Properly

Whether you have tiles on your roof or shingles, whether your roof is flat, it slopes in a low angle or it is high-pitched, proper roof cleaning is essential for maintaining your roof in great condition and for extending its longevity. You can do it yourself or have a Dallas roofing contractor do it for you. Here is how to do it properly.

Choose the Time Right

The best time to clean your roof is a cool, dry, but overcast day. When the air is too hot, the water and the solution that you use for the cleaning dries too quickly and when the sun is shining too bright, it might be difficult to see the spots that still need cleaning. A day that is too cold is also unsuitable for roof cleaning, partly because of the thermal discomfort will decrease the efficiency of the roof cleaner’s work and partly because dirt is more difficult to remove when it is too cold.

Prepare the Area around the House

Roof cleaning usually involves the removal of lots of debris, from the roof surface as well as from the gutter pipes and the downspouts, so it is a good idea to move all furniture and other items from the perimeters.

Dallas roofing contractor will clean your roof

Remove Large Debris

Use a broom with a long stick or an air blower to remove large debris from the surface of the roof and then scrape debris out from the gutter pipes, too, but try to do it without actually stepping on the roof, preferably standing on the ground or on a safely fixed ladder. This phase is important because you need a relatively clean and obstacle-free surface to be able to see where the roof has become weak and to identify the components that need to be re-attached or fortified before you step on them during the more detailed cleaning.

Fix Loose Components

Loose shingles, damaged flashing and sagging or loose gutters will all need to be fixed before you proceed with the cleaning.

Apply the Cleaning Solution

Prepare a mix of some detergent and water or an anti-fungus or anti-algae solution and apply it on the roof surface. You can use eco-friendly cleaning products designed especially for roofs or some detergent for home use, but stay away from bleach – it is caustic and it can harm your roof. You can apply the solution by hand or you can use your garden hose or your pressure water, but of you have a shingle roof, make sure that the jet is gentle – pressurized water that is pulverized with too much force can remove the weatherproofing granules on the top of the shingles and can cause more harm than good.

To clean your shingle roof properly, soak the shingles in plain water using a hose, then apply the washing solution, leave it there for a little while, then rinse it off with plain water. If you see some very stubborn stains, reapply the solution, either with a sprayer or by hand, then rinse the area again.

Treat Your Shingle Roof with Some Stain Blocker

Shingle roofs are especially sensitive to staining, so when the roof is cleaned and the surface is completely dry, you should apply some stain blocker to prevent the appearance of discolored spots on the roof.

Why Replace Your Siding? – Signs that Tell You It Is Time to Get New Siding

Looking At Your Neighbors New Exterior

If you see that your neighbors have new siding and you want to find out what makes new siding such a big thing, here are a few ideas to explain to you why replace your siding, even if your old siding panels still seem to be holding on to your walls.

Rotting or Crumbling Siding Panels

Rotting siding components are not only unsightly, but they also compromise the insulation capacity of all the panels on the wall. In some cases, rotten parts can be replaced by cutting them out and replacing them with some isolating material, but in most cases, this is not an option, especially if the rot is visible from the outside, so the only solution is replacement.

Dampness Inside the Home

If you notice damp patches inside the home, especially if they appear on the lower areas of the wall and not on the ceiling (damp spots or patches on the ceiling indicate a roof leak), you can suspect that the problem is caused by improperly sealing siding panels. The siding panels that no longer form an adequate barrier in front of humidity might not show any signs of damage themselves, but they can do a lot of harm, nevertheless.

Cracks and Chipped Panels

These imperfections are also more than just unattractive. The gaps allow water to penetrate behind the siding panels, causing mold, mildew and rot, what’s more, they let termites and other pests enter behind the siding and into the house, compromising the integrity of the entire home.

Too Much Maintenance

Every type of siding needs some care and attention every now and then, but you fix one chipped part and another appears the following day, it means that your Lansing siding panels are too old and they need to be removed and replaced. Another sign that your siding is too old is that you need to repaint it too often – normally, siding panels are able to maintain their color for 8-10 years, warping and peeling that appears earlier is a clear sign of aging.

Exorbitant Energy Bills

If you don’t see any obvious signs that indicate siding damage, but your energy bills start climbing steadily and for no reason, the culprit might be the siding, especially if the home feels as if wind could blow through the walls. The problem can be easily remedied by installing new, more energy-efficient siding panels that offer better insulation.

You Want to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

New siding panels will make your home much more attractive and will improve its structural integrity without requiring you to invest a lot into the replacement project. One of the most important benefits of new siding is that it can add thousands of dollars to the price you ask for your home, what’s more, buyers are more interested in property that has been recently renovated, which will attract more buyers and help you sell your property faster.

We hope we could provide the answer you need for the question “why replace your siding” – just browse a few design ideas and play with the thought of having brand new siding, you will surely love the idea.

How to Choose the Best Shingles for Kansas Homes

Storm Clouds

Choosing the best shingles for Kansas homes, the shingles that provide the expected weather-protection and resistance is no easy task. Kansas has varied terrain and varied climate – if you live in the northeast of the state, you get cold summers and hot, wet summers, in the west you get very hot, relatively dry summers and mild winters, while in the central and the southeastern areas you get humid summers, mild summers and lots of precipitation the year around and you need to choose your shingles based on the dominant weather in your area. However, the weather is not the only factor to influence your decision – if you are currently looking for the most suitable shingles for your new roof, here are the factors that you should bear in mind and a few tips about available shingle types.

Climate-Related Aspects and Energy-Efficiency

The varied climate conditions and the fact that Kansas is located in the middle of Tornado Alley require responsible homeowners to pay attention to lots of different climate factors when they choose their shingles:

  • The shingles chosen need to be able to account for the harsh winds that accompany storms and tornados, which the professional roofer Wichita is home to, will tell you.
  • Shingles need to withstand high precipitation and the resulting humidity in the air.
  • The sun shines bright in Kansas, so you need shingles that can withstand the sun’s radiation and are able to reflect radiant heat to ensure comfort in the house and to keep energy bills at bay.

Shingle Types

Fortunately, there are many shingle varieties nowadays that meet all the above requirements – here are some of the most common types:

  • Traditional asphalt shingles – also known as composite shingles, these varieties are budget-friendly, attractive, simple to install and durable. They come in two basic types: organic shingles that use a base made from waste paper soaked with asphalt and a waterproof coating covered in mineral granules for enhanced weather protection and fiberglass shingles, also called 3-tab shingles that feature a similar structure and are more suitable for fire-prone areas.
  • Synthetic polymer systems – these durable materials can replicate much more expensive roofing materials, such as wood or slate and they also offer increased hardiness, with warranty times several decades long.
  • Designer shingles – these high-end products are a bit heavier and costlier than conventional shingles, but they are among the best shingles for Kansas because they are not only elegant, but durable as well and their special construction makes them strong enough to resist any weather. They are suitable for flat and steeply pitched roofs as well.
  • Metal shingles – these roofing systems combine all the benefits of metal with attractive appearance and affordability. The metal panels are easy to install, they can withstand harsh weather, including gale-force winds, heavy rain and snow, they come with excellent fire-resistance features and they ensure the comfort of your home by efficiently reflecting solar heat.

When you browse the shingle options available, choose the products that suit your climate area, your aesthetic requirements as well as your budget – the best shingles for Kansas conditions are out there and readily available from various manufacturers, all you need to do to make the most adequate choice is to set your priorities right first.

Should You Invest in Leaf Gutter Guards? Clearing Some Cost-Related Concerns

Cost Related Concerns - Will They Pay For Themselves

Should you invest in leaf gutter guards this year? Should you wait until your finances improve? What are the main considerations you have to keep track of when it comes to establishing your budget for new gutter guards and figuring out which specific product to buy?


These are all important questions you have to keep track of if you want to get the best possible results. In the following, we will explore some of them, and you can ultimately decide for yourself whether the time to get new gutter guards should be now.


The Importance of Evaluating Your Budget


When it comes to looking at various gutter guards available on the market, a realization will likely hit you: there are a whole lot of them! In fact, there are a few dozen contractors who are extremely well-versed in installing high quality gutter guards in your area right now.


However, budget constraints often keep us from making the choices we want. Do you have any of these constraints? One way to know is to see whether the typical cost of gutter guards would greatly impact your day-to-day life.


The cost of gutter guards can go to anything from a few cents to $1.50 per foot for the cheapest plastic/aluminum products. More expensive, PVC gutter guards will cost you up to $3 per foot just for installation, and the cost per foot for the material can reach prices of up to $10.


Now, this doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider you might need several hundred feet of gutter guards for your gutters, the total amount can exceed $1000 at the higher end.


Should you invest in leaf gutter guards keeping that amount in mind? It is important to keep all your other expenses and payments in perspective – such as mortgage, insurance, bills etc. – and make an informed decision. Some homeowners might even decide that getting a loan would be a good idea for covering home renovation costs, and that gutter guards should fall under this category.


How Long Should You Wait?


If you decided to wait until you can save more money, or if you want to avoid spending money on the cheapest gutter guards and get the best ones from the start, then waiting might be a good option.


While you wait, you can set a plan to save money, or open an additional savings account to use for future renovations. In most cases, waiting a few months won’t hurt your gutters as long as you clean them thoroughly and make sure they are clear of any larger debris. However, it’s important to not let those months turn to years – or more.


Deciding on the Best Gutter Guards


Are you looking for genuine leaf gutter guards, or are you interested in something else. Depending on the cost and specific design, there are a myriad of options available for you. You can get gutter screens featuring a fine metal or plastic mesh that allows water to flow through easily, but keeps debris out. You can also consider sponges, solid covers or screens with mesh filters.


The prices will differ in each of these cases, and it’s important to compare their respective pros and cons before making your decision. Contacting your roofers Orlando hosts should also be on your list, if you want to get a clear estimate and learn how installation difficulty might impact the cost.

In Search of the Best Roofing Tiles to Install – Valuable Considerations and Advice

In Search Of The Right Products

Choosing the best roofing tiles to install on your brand new house can be somewhat of a challenge. Despite this fact, experts can give you precise advice and recommendations that will work every time to guide you on making the best possible choice.


Below we will look at a few essential considerations that you have to keep in mind before choosing the type of roofing tile or the specific roofing product that you want to buy. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at some of the actual roofing tile manufacturers that can offer you the best deals and the most durable, high quality roofing tiles on the market.


Two Important Considerations to Take Into Account


Roofing tiles are not all made the same, . In fact, you won’t find the very same qualities in each type of roofing tile, so there are definitely some important differences to consider regarding each. However, the following two distinct qualities are part of what you should always ask about when you visit your contractors or ask them for an estimate.


The first is longevity. How long should you expect the roofing tiles to last before the entire roofing system has to be replaced. While some – like slate and clay – might require maintenance and some repairs over the years, roofing tiles are typically designed to offer more than 50 years of good quality protection, as long as your home isn’t damaged severely by some sort of natural calamity.  Also consider the climate in your area San Antonio roofing would be much different than other cooler climate states.


The second consideration you should keep in mind is the required level of maintenance that each roofing tile system will need. Maintenance is needed in the case of any roofing system, but some need it more than others. In contrast with slate, metal and concrete tiles will usually require a lot less maintenance due to their more robust qualities – such as being tougher and withstanding the elements more easily.


Finding the Right Roofing Tile Manufacturers


There is no clear-cut rule on finding the best roofing tiles to install on your home. While the following three manufacturers are recommended by most roofing experts, there are also many others you can consider, depending on what you need specifically:


  • Eagle Roofing Products has some of the most diverse roofing tile products. This manufacturer specializes in refined styles and colors, making it possible for homeowners to find not only affordable, but highly aesthetic roofing tiles that are the perfect fit for their homes.
  • Entegra has a wide assortment of roofing tiles for every taste and preferences. There are finishes and colors for everyone here, and the best thing about Entegra roofing systems is that they require less maintenance and are available with improved warranty offers.
  • Finally, you can consider Hanson Roof Tile, if you’re interested in obtaining the most faithful imitations of cedar, slate and clay roofing systems. These roof tiles are more affordable than the real thing, but they definitely meet the needs of the average homeowner in terms of durability and consistent quality levles.


Roofing can be a lot easier as long as you keep in mind the qualities and traits you should be looking for in your new roofing system. It will then become clear what the best roofing tiles to install are and why you should choose that specific product.

A Look at the Best Roofing Tiles to Use for Added Longevity

Taking A Look At Some Of The Best Options

Considering the best roofing tiles to use to make your home look good and make your new roof last as long as possible without repairs or expensive maintenance can be a real hassle. However, if you want to use roof tiles, you’ll find that the options you have for achieving that result will be much more expansive than with regular roofing shingles.


Metal, slate, concrete and Spanish clay tiles are currently considered to be among the top most popular and resilient roofing tiles that are in use. Depending on what you need specifically, these roofing options should be among the most ideal to consider.


Durable Slate – Probably Your Best Option


Slate is the most durable type of roofing material, and it’s also the longest lasting roofing tile system that you can buy with your money. Able to last upwards of 100-150 years, it’ll probably be the only roof you need during your lifetime, at least as long as you take proper care of it.


The main alternative reason why slate roofing is so popular, however, is the fact that it’s made from natural material that looks beautiful and features a texture that can be adapted to almost any design you want. Homes that come with slate roofing tiles can be quite beautiful, and the roof itself is well worth the expense. However, you have to take good care of your new slate roof, since it will require added maintenance, if you want it to stay in prime condition.


Clay and Concrete Tiles


If you’re interested in leveraging some of the durability-related qualities of slate, but without the high maintenance and price, you can consider concrete tiles. They are extremely sturdy and fireproof. They also cost less than slate, and they can still last for up to half a century – which is definitely respectable. The price is still higher than that of common, lightweight roofing materials, but concrete tiles make up for it in style and appearance.


Clay is similar to concrete, and it has a life span of up to 100 years. Many Spanish clay tile products are available with lifetime warranties and very long labor warranties as well. Spanish clay tiles were used in old California and South American Spanish missions, and many of those are still in reasonably good shape, even though the roof was never replaced.


Lightweight Metal Roof Tiles and Roofing Systems


Metal is probably the easiest to install, cheapest and lowest maintenance durable roofing tile product you can consider. It has basically all the qualities you can ask for, and it can last for up to 50-75 years, depending on the workmanship and the specific type of metal and design used in its construction.  It is one of the most used materials in roofing Wichita homes and businesses.


Metal tiles and metal panel systems are becoming increasingly more popular due to all these qualities, but also because of the advancements that contractors have made in improving their appearance.


These are just a few of the many different roofing tiles you can consider today. While each of them has its own unique qualities, you’ll ultimately have to make up your own mind on which one to buy. The best roofing tiles to use for your home are those that not only fit your budget and preferences, but can also deal with the local weather and climate conditions, and protect your home from intense heat or cold, even when you don’t have enough attic insulation.

Top roofing materials

Having a good roof for your building is very important. Roofs not only provide safety for the people inside the building but also improve the curb appearance of the building and increase its value. Roof plays a major role and you need to make sure that you have the right type of materials to build the roof you want for your building or house. The following are some of the top roofing materials:

Asphalt Shingles:

One of the most common materials used for roofs in the construction of residential homes are asphalt shingles. Asphalts are quite economical and they are also very easy to install. You can also reinforce the shingles with fibre glass and cellulose. Asphalt shingles comes in various colours but they have a short life span does not provide proper insulation. You can increase the life span of the roof by mixing shingles with glass fibre.

Concrete tiles:

Concrete tiles make your roof look elegant and beautiful. They also provide texture and are durable. Concrete tiles are more durable but they are quite heavy. Concrete tiles are a bit expensive as they are heavy and it requires a professional to install the roof. But once it is installed the roof will stay up to 40 to 50 years.


Metal roofs provide a great resistant to any weather condition. They are extremely light and thus can be installed easily. Metal roofs are durable and they last longer when compared to wooded roofs. Metal roofs provide high solar reflectance and thus it keeps the building cool during summer time. You can use them for your cabins, cottage homes, small sheds etc.


Slate roofs are very elegant and beautiful to look at and they come in various colours. The material is quite durable and it is also fire resistant. Although slate is an expensive material and you will need a professional to get the roof installed. It is also quite heavy and tough to install. But once you have installed the roof they even come up to 100 years.

Wood Shingles:

Wood was the choice of roofing material for many years and wooden roofs look very elegant especially the ones that are cut by machines. Wooden roofs provide a rustic look but it is highly risky to have wooden roofs especially in wet regions. These roof come for about 30 to 40 years.

Synthetic roof:

The synthetic roofs are made up of plastic, rubber, polymer etc. The synthetic materials can be moulded and shaped in the way you want and they are also quite easy to maintain. Synthetic products are as expensive as the natural products but some materials absorb water and the quality might not be good in certain materials. Thus you need to be careful when you are buying the material of the roof. If you get a good material the roof can last for even 50 years.

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